DIY Insurance Companies

I had a meeting with a client last week and the subject came up about his current insurance coverage and the coverage that I was offering. He was currently insured in with what I call a DIY insurance company. Meaning, you pick the coverage that you want, and they will sell it to you.

My agency believes in a more tailored experience for my clients. We form the insurance coverage around the clients asset and income exposure and recommend coverages based on that analysis.

There's a downside to the first model. If an insurance agency relies on this type of client, not only is there an ever expaning of options for the client, but there is a considerable "race to the bottom" situation happening where expenses of all kinds are getting cut and that creates an untenable business situation.

My advice. Focus on building your agency using the second model. As their needs develop, so should your product offerings. And by providing guidance instead of a commodity, you take the focus off of the price and onto the value of protection!

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